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Psionic Modulator of Stellar Frequencies DCRa9.

New tool for energetic work, the Psionic Modulator of Stellar Frequencies DCRa9 was created and channeled by Antonio Tirado.
Created with sacred Geometry and Biofractal Geometry®, it is fabricated with a 9 metals composition.
This magic wand, stellar pendulum or cosmic diapason has infinity of qualities and uses, it is like a multiuse Swiss blade.
Some of the uses are:
• Stellar Pendulum.
• Portals opening.
• Astral surgeries.
• Aura harmonizer. 
• Energy cleaner.
• Stellar and earth hierarchies connector.
• Monadic adjuster. 
• Chakra alignment.
• It realigns and restructures electromagnetic and axiometric fields from people, animals and places.
• Molecular atomic accelerator. 
• It potencies the magnetization of programs from the consciousness, morphogenetic and intention unified fields. 
• When put to sun and according to the radiated strand, it activates an ultralight codification that enters directly into the user's body.
• When put on the throat and rotated while repeating mantras it activates psionic modulations from stellar commanders. 
• Applied to devas and plants it restores them to an atomic and subatomic level. 
•  Ideal to reestablish holographic devic matrixes and elemental or atomic primary components in pills, floral essences, foods, organs, etc.
• Modulator and generator of form waves.
• When hold between hands in a horizontal position and rotated, it generates an amplified sonic wave that creates a transportation field and conscious reconnection with the stellar consciousness programmed on it.
• It works as an energetic or power sword. 
•  Ideal to work, stimulate and harmonize points and acupuncture channels or nadhis and ayurvedic line marma points.
Note: It can be used by everyone but it clearly responds to the consciousness and genetic level of the user.


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