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The 26 Keys to the New Consciousness. Introduction. By Antonio Tirado. 

Theoretical-practical course of this operational tool, which is part of the 13 Coronas project - returning home, to connect and activate the access codes to this theosophical platform.  

These 26 magnificent Keys, are bio codified merkabas that promote the opening and the development of psychic consciencial abilities, that can be used as: meditation merkabas for personal development, in conducting therapeutic sessions and holistic work, as well as spiritual guide or Oracle.  

What's included: The 26 keys to the New Consciousness material and certificate of participation. 

Requirements: Desire to learn and work. 

Course objective: To assimilate the basic concepts about working with energy and metaphysics. To connect with our spiritual hierarchies.

To whom it is directed? To everyone who wish to open your consciousness.

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