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Dragon Nail

Fabricated in martensitic stainless steel.

The Psionic Frequency Modulator DCRa9 is needed to activate it.

To work with the Nail is required to have an adequate energetic structure and certain attitude. That will help the activation made to the person when the Nail is bought.

It generates a force and discharge point ideal to work with contracts, magic spells, umbra or energetic prisons liberation.

Each Dragon Nail has a serial number and it is energetically registered to the owner. It can be used on other people and by others but the form of use is the owner's responsibility.

You should be aware that this tool is not for everyone, it is not a toy to play, it was made to work.

To buy it and register send an email to: antoniotirado@13coronas.com. Then we will schedule a date and time to make a long distance activation where I will give you special suits, weapons, shields and everything needed according to your energetic configuration. I will also activate energetically the 7 Sacred Dragons from the Earth Planetary seal and then you can work with the guardian of Earth, the great White Dragon, Gaia's consciousness.

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