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Protection and Recoding Merkaba Night Star


Printed in photographic paper and plasticized.

Size 41x41 cm.

Ideal for meditations and to put under the massage table in therapeutic sessions. Also used to sleep above or close to it.

This merkaba is specially indicated for the recoding of the spectral print and the protection in astral projections while sleeping. We all have a light mark and unique coding. For example, when you make light body projections or space-time jumps there is a trail left in the jump, some kind of echo from our light frequency. That is why is important to activate a light recoding after working with another person so we don't leave our trail, compromising our hierarchies and our life. If we don't take this aspect into account it can lead for us to receive attacks in our reality after finishing therapeutic sessions to others. Let's remember that there are always adverse energies that don't want the liberation of a contract or being, because they feed themselves from that person's energy and when we work in therapy they are activated.

The way they attack is creating disharmonious situations, touching the weakest persons in our family and surroundings to lower our vibration, generating illness, accidents, roads and projects blocking, etc.

Our auric or energetic field would be the spectral field. This is the one we open in a person when she relaxes so we can work on her. In this exchange is where we also absorb her energy charge.

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