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Yes You Can! Workshop By Antonio Tirado and Aleksandra Grace.


This is a weekend workshop where Antonio Tirado and Aleksandra Grace, during the practice of different techniques, will share information and apply exercises and meditations in order to open, activate and develop each participant’s sensitive capabilities to different levels.

This workshop is made of two modules: "The Tower of Babel" and "2nd. Star - The Source of Knowledge"


► Module "The Tower of Babel":

Since 2014 we are in a process of resetting and rebooting our system. This reset or boot verifies which programs are being used and what is not and among the first ones which have been operative or not.

The genetic code is a program that has to be controlled by a CPU and the CPU is made up of our pituitary, our hearts and our primary brain: the 3 Tachyons. It's time to live in the unit. Unit is the heart and the front chakra connected; fused mind and heart.

This process of restart that the humanity is beginning to experience is getting more intense and is affecting the physical plane since the mutation is reaching a point where it is necessary to take action by being honest with oneself. We can no longer continue with the anger, fear and hatred.

The process of "booting" is too strong; in each program restart we literally die without losing the physical body, and when we are reborn and are lost without knowing what direction to go. That is why the angels and teachers have placed in each physical Luminal Center a symbol so we can adapt to the new frequency received.

 ► Module "2a. Star: The Source of Knowledge":

Normally we seek knowledge outside, forgetting that the treasure is really within us... We can read and find knowledge in many books by different authors... we can learn many techniques... but, in the end, we continue to live the same way.

How can we open the knowledge source and start living differently? The power of the mind is unlimited! The human brain is the best computer that exists on Earth. Which secrets do we keep within us? What is the power and the skills that hides the human brain? How can we use all the potential of the brain and become a Superman? How we can perceive and develop all our natural abilities?

To all these questions you will find the answers in the workshop "The Source of Knowledge"

Among other themes, you will develop:

- Activation and configuration of your five-dimensional personal cube.

- Development of telepathic abilities.

- Connection with different fields of power and essences.

- Activation and opening of the holographic mind.

- Astral deployment and projection.

Duration: 16 hours. Saturday and Sunday from 10-14 h. and 16-20 h.

What is included: Tower of Babel Material and certificate of attendance.

Requirements: Desire to learn and work.

Objective of the workshop: to open and develop our sensory capabilities.

To whom is it targeted? to those who want to integrate this tool or want to deeply study this material.

Video► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOH0atwOJbM


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