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Group Sessions with Antonio Tirado


The duration of the session is about 2 and 3 hours depending on the group size.

During all this time the spiritual hierarchies and stellar commands will be working each one of the attendants.

In other part of the session each one of the participants will receive an individual therapy work according to his needs.

The group size I work with around 25 participants.

The protocol is:

• The work starts as soon as I connect with the different hierarchies.

• There is a guided group meditation.

• After that each one of the participants will receive an individual work according with his needs.

This way people is worked during a longer time with all the group's support.

Using energy and vibration as working tools a momentum is generated and it will give the patient the opportunity to integrate and work different aspects during the next 21 to 40 days; as long as he allows himself to do it.

Primary codes are reestablished and recoding, besides treating the processes and pathologies specifics of each patient.

In each case I contemplate different time lines and work with the root of the patient's life situations in a profound way, in this and other lives.

Some of the things done for you are: recoding, recalibrating, vibrational harmonizing, energetic cleaning, implant/chip removal, karmic blockages clearing, cellular deprogramming, etc.

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