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Emotional Seaming Workshop by Antonio Tirado and Aleksandra Grace.


This is a weekend workshop where Antonio Tirado and Aleksandra Grace, during the practice of different techniques, will share information and apply exercises and meditations in order to teach you how to identify our own shadows in order to create a new personality.


This workshop is made up of two modules: "Pandora's Box" and module "3rd Star: The Source of Creativity":


Among other things, you will find:

► Module Pandora's Box:

- This material is a game of biodecoding fractal codes that work in order to rescue your light, your reconnection and to organize your internal space.

- It identifies where the shadow is within you and directs the energy towards it starting from a conscious choice.

More details at http://www.13coronas.com/ficha-producto-estatica.php?prod=2


► Module 3rd Star: The Source of Creativity:

- Memories of the family tree

- How to express and manage emotions without suppressing or blocking them.

- How to find the balance in relations - your needs and the needs of others

- Psychic attacks and protection

- How to open the source of your creativity and understand how and why it was cut

- Strengthen your inner pillar and your self sufficiency

More details at http://www.aleksandragrace.com/#! the-source-of-the-creativity/co0c


Duration: 16 hours. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-14:00 h and 16:00-20:00 h.

The workshop includes:

- Materials from both modules containing the book La Caja de Pandora and biofractal codes.

- "Pandora's Box and the Hall of Mirrors" Certificate

- "3rd Star: The Source of Creativity" Certificate

- The results of the work you will develop with yourself.

Requirements: Desire to learn and work.

Objective of the workshop: To clean and harmonize those psychic and emotional aspects that block our way and our vibrational quality and level, which are our belief system and dual condition, feeding personal lies and creating our masks.

To whom is it targeted? to people who want to integrate this tool or want to study further this material.


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