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Workshop Welcome to Life with Antonio Tirado and Aleksandra Grace.


This is a weekend workshop where Antonio Tirado and Aleksandra Grace, during the practice of different techniques, will share information and apply exercises and meditations in order to teach you how to work with your own spiritual hierarchies while you will be cleansing different sets of memories.


This workshop is made up of two modules: "26 Keys to the New Consciousness" and "1st Star: Source of Life":


► Module 26 Keys to the New Consciousness

These 26 magnificent Keys, are bio codified merkabas that promote the opening and the development of psychic consciencial abilities, that can be used as: meditation merkabas for personal development, in conducting therapeutic sessions and holistic work, as well as spiritual guide or Oracle.  

This material develops the connection with our spiritual hierarchy so they can help us consciously in our journey, so we can receive their whenever necessary, either in daily situations as in therapeutic sessions, sharing with us their knowledge and technology from subtle planes.

The aim of this workshop is: to integrate basic concepts about energy work and metaphysics. To tune in with our spiritual hierarchies.

Informational video about the 26 Keys to the New Consciousness



► Module 1st Star: Source of Life

All the memories of ancient civilizations, all memories of the body, emotions, thoughts, words, etc. are stored within the water.

We all have a suitcase full of memories about this and other lives. Sometimes, the suitcase is too heavy, preventing us from enjoying life, from having good health, flow and happiness.

In this workshop you will put this heavy suitcase full of memories away and will reborn to start the journey of a new life.

This workshop's will help:

• Erase the programs that you received, allowing you to see your true path.

• Release old memories that are within your body, mind and emotions.

• Connect with the real source of life in your body.

• Heal your heart.

• Understand your mission in this life.

Video of Aleksandra about the 1st Star:


Duration: 16 hours. Saturday and Sunday from 10-14 h. and 16-20 h.

What is included: The 26 Keys of the New Consciousness Material and certificate of attendance.

Requirements: Desire to learn and work.

The objective: to connect and work with our spiritual hierarchies.

To whom is it directed? people who want to assimilate this tool or want to explore into this material.

Price: Please consult with the organizer


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