Antonio Tirado Llamas, creator of the "13 Crowns" project for the restoration of the elementary principles of the human being.


Almic Tuner 

Biofractal Design 

Writer, trainer, lecturer


Graduated in Business Communication (specialized in Corporate Image) by the Institute of Communication (ICOMI). He carried out various courses such as: Direct Marketing, financial management, digital communication projects management, etc.

For over 15 years he has worked as an independent professional combining sports and different health techniques with social projects as well leading and managing the corporate image of various international companies and public institutions.

He has collaborated monthly with publications of national circulation like Health & Fitness magazine and Oxygen where he has written articles about different sports and therapeutic disciplines.

Antonio was also a Personal Trainer and activities instructor in several sports centers. He has organized and directed sports and social conferences among other events.

Professional diver of medium depth with 2 specialties. Instructor of diving sports in several disciplines. First aid rescuer and sea rescue. TRX (suspension training), TacFit, Clubbells instructor.

Yoga teacher.

Reiki Master in different currents (Magnified Reiki, Usui, Karuna, Osho, Tibetan, Magnified Healing, OmRom and Orixa Reiki) and specialist in other techniques related to personal development and consciousness awakening.

Trained in various disciplines and martial arts such as Judo, Kenjutsu, Esgrima-Arnis - Kali and Capoeira. Black belt: Taekwondo, Full Contact and Kick Boxing and Karate Kyokushin. He has won first classifications in different regional and national Championships in some of these disciplines.

Restless and eager to know. He has deepened the understanding of his own processes and those who are going through personal challenges facing the future.

He understands life as a constant physical, psychological and spiritual transformation. This way of thinking has led him to travel and study different techniques and philosophical currents such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kabbalah, Taoism, Rebirthing, sacred geometry, metamorphic massage, Pranavidya and human design.

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