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Uniting hearts!!! (05-16-2012)

Dear everyone, welcome once more to this space.

Through my son I will give you this information to be shared, spread by the winds and taken by the seven seas to all the hearts. 

The winds are the mental impulses and the consciousness, the seas the arteries, the blood, the life, the information, the stimuli that leads to action. 
Sons, the next month of June will initiate a new stage in the walk of humanity, a stage that will finish in June of 2013 and which most algid point will be between October 2012 and march of 2013.

The Homo Erectus will have a deep change in consciousness, escorted by Earth's own process. You are in a moment that is the close of a major cycle of approximately 26.520 years and a minor one of approximately 13.260 years.

Many of you have the sensation of hitting rock bottom, you need more answers because you have been listening to change messages for a long time. Remember that you learn through repetition and you are never in the same point, and won't hear it in the same way. Besides, many new brothers awake every minute and they need protection and guide.

You need the change to materialize, you want something touchable. But changes have been happening from a long time ago, that's the reason of so many messages, don't you realize how much your life has changed if you look back? Don't enter in your mind desperation, there are many other factors. You ask why are you living this situation? why things are done and you get no answer? You ask and do but the results are not equal to the energy you give.
From the fall of Atlantis, the frequency barrier lowered its radiation index to 5-7D, when it was in 12-15D. This means that many beings ended up trapped under the quarantine barrier.

The fall of Atlantis was decided because of the wrong use of energy and the participation of very heavy and bad energies that put in danger the integrity of the human experiment and the planet. The higher spheres of light decided to end with the portals, just like they did with Egypt for their abuse of black magic, but Napoleon insisted in digging up and liberated those energies. 

How to explain the frequency barrier and what it entails, for you to understand why your requests are hard to manifest, independently of your efforts?
Imagine a basket with potatoes (galaxy), where one potato is rotting (one of the exile planets of the wars between Orion, Lyra-Vega, Pleiades, etc.) is put inside a plastic bag to avoid spreading the bad smell to the rest of the potatoes. That bag creates a total and hermetic closure, leaving all the beings visiting, experimenting, living, etc. in the Earth, no matter if they were physical, subtle, intra terrestrials, intra oceanic, lost souls, devas, etc. with all their bodies, parallel realities and hierarchies. Imagine the densification. And on top of that the bad energies also stayed trapped manipulating the air inside the bag, poisoning your food, your minds, your lives, creating the Samsara Wheel to generate debt, creating religions to generate fear, creating economy to have power and generate slavery, putting an  artificial satellite called moon to control the emotions through the human body composition, manipulating your DNA inserting their own genetic code of conflict and war, manipulating your brain dividing it in two, etc. And are you still asking how is that you can't achieve what you want? 

You have too many things against you and the Light Hierarchies can't intervene, just watch and wait until you realize on your own all the lies, for you to decide with all your heart to end up with all the limitations, but not from the conflict, because that will activate again your patterns.
This way you all have been isolated and just people with a very strong inner work are capable of trespass that plastic bag and to contact with their stellar consciousness.

But the bag ends its ruling with the end of this cycle, leaving free all those consciences for them to choose the road they want to follow. Allowing people who have done a spiritual work to reactivate codes to connect again with their stellar brothers and sisters. 

From here we thank you for being in this moment experimenting that dense and dual reality, allowing and helping us to understand our mistakes that are the same as yours, because we share the same genetic memory.

Between all of us we will make possible a new reality, but even though we can present new events in your lives, it depends exclusively on you, your elections and your position. We have the difficulty that the time flow is not the same right now the time paradoxes are being unified, created by your governments experiments, when there will be a subtle communication, a contact with you, you have to stop and listen, believe in the information or feeling, listen to your intuition, you have to realize how busy is your mind and that doesn't let any communication to get to you.

We can't act for you. This is what you call free will and the more one being evolves, he limits himself because he knows what is right and what is wrong. Following the history of your race, we have learned what are the parameters we have to change to avoid the same mistakes of the past, but like we said, we can't stop the consequences of your own actions, we can't act inside your reality, because we will break the cosmic laws.

Many of you know what you have to do, what is best for you and you don't do it. Sometimes because you don't want to hurt your loved ones, other times because you don't want to leave what you know, because you are afraid to leave your comfort zone.

Don't wait for a savior to come, don't expect nothing from anyone. Just from your own internal being, from the connection with your inner Christ, you can change the world, from your will. We are here supporting your process, giving the energy necessary to hold your election once it is taken, but you have to get there.

This message has the purpose that your real wakes up, activates itself and raises to freedom.


Your race in the past asked for freedom and now the opportunity is given, but you just can sign for it feeling the truth in your heart. This will be like a snow ball effect. 

The planet Earth in which you live is in a profound metamorphosis, it is a consciousness with its own evolution process and this makes possible the perfect scenario for you to realize the boiling point you have reached as a race.

In fact, this is the reason why you are at this moment in this planet, most of you, to seize your metamorphosis and the quantum leap that will occur in the following years, to impulse your consciences with the inertia. The Earth's change is helping in your evolution. That is why you are asked to connect to her heart, to her beat, her rhythm, her conscience. For those who really bet for this option, you will have the possibility of freedom. The vibration and bio geometric structure of the planet is changing. The cosmos is also re balancing, all is taking a new order and as a consequence, you are changing too: your bio chemical, organic and energetic composition.

To help this changes to settle, we remind you again the importance of your diet, it is important to keep it as natural and healthy possible. Increase the ingestion of foods with antioxidant qualities and that eliminate free radicals; drink one finger of oil and lemon first time in the morning, you can add a pinch of baking soda, lots of fruit, minimize dairy foods (once or twice a week), no fats, no GMOs, no rice or white flours, reduce the ingestion of meat once or twice a week (veal or horse) and of course no alcoholic beverages, tobacco, any chemical product or drugs. Try not to eat any industrialized products and use alchemy and creativity in the kitchen. Drink lots of water and natural fruits, avoid sodas too. Take care of your stomach because it is the neuralgic center of all your illnesses.

Try your food to be raw or steamed cooked. In case you need to eat meat and fish (watch for the mercury content and other metals) prepare it in the oven or grill. 

At least try to keep this nutrition the next 360 days, until everything returns to the normal state, some of your brothers will not understand the changes happening and they will collapse needing your help, your knowledge, your serenity, your guide. 

For some of you this way of eating is not new or difficult to follow. For others it will be harder, but don't give up, have faith, now is the moment of taking action, it has always been, but now it is decisive for your evolution and opening. The current energetic process is being supported by the nature Devas and the intra terrestrial and intra oceanic beings.

Due to the great negative polarity of the humanity incarnated and all the existing manipulation by the so called "Secret Government", you are called to the fight. 

But this fight is not made with rage, anger, hatred and facing the system. The fight is from the heart, from the love, compassion, being in peace with yourself, in serenity. It doesn't matter your situation. If you know you are doing the right thing, that you are in the right path, you won't let yourself be taken by the surroundings and the provocations that life seems to give us. Everything is part of the illusion and we don't have to interact with it or to feed it. 
My sons and daughters! Christ taught us to put the other cheek, but not from the position of accepting with resignation as your religion has made you believe, but from the place that it doesn't matter how many times we fall, we stand up again, with discipline, with strength, with constancy, with conviction. That is the concept of putting the other cheek. 

Through this son, we have developed a working tool for the planet process that we want to share. 

It is a merkaba which name should not stop you, it is just a frequency, a mantra. 

This merkaba generates and activates a dodecahedron structure that it is the central piece of other bigger structures, witch information will be given later and that connects with your first 9 bodies, to different frequencies and major tones, super consciences, etheric temples, light frequencies, ascended masters, commanders and knight orders, among others. 

The work we propose, is that each one of you who is interested, realizes everyday a conscious activation, to send an ultrasonic wave that reaches each one of your parallel realities and minimum your 9th body. This will help you to connect with the conscious of your planet and to balance yourself psychic and emotionally, on top of that the energy that you will generate, will go directly as raw material to help your intra oceanic, intra terrestrial and Devic brothers, because they don't have enough resources to help energetically to transmute all the negativity in the planet. 

What is asked from you is your conscious connection from 15 to 45 minutes, without electronic devices on around you (around 7 square feet), not even cell phones, so the energy coming from you is as pure as possible. 

The protocol is the next one. It is recommended to read all the way through until you have understood everything and you don't have questions at the time you are working on it. 

1. Sit in a comfortable posture, that allows you to make the connection work correctly. It doesn't matter if it is a typical meditation posture or just sitting on a chair, what it is important is that you have a vertical axis, that your head and your spine are aligned vertically.

2.- Do the Anuloma Viloma breathing technique, it is very simple and it will help you to clean up your chakras and to balance your brain hemispheres. 
Right hand, we put our index and heart index in our frontal sinuses, above the eye brows. We breathe three time, taking air from our stomach and we bring it to the chest in 6 times. We let it go in 6 times. Repeat three times. Holding during all the exercise the index and heart fingers in our forehead, we block our right nostril with our thumb and take air in 6 times through our left nostril, then we block our left nostril with our pinky keeping the right blocked, (now we have both nostrils blocked) holding the breath for 6 times, then release the right nostril and let the air go in six times. Keep the left nostril covered and inhale in 6 times through the right nostril. Cover the left nostril with your pinky and holding our breath in 6 times. We have to repeat all the cycle 3 times on each nostril holding the 6 times rhythm.

3.- Center your attention in the center of the merkaba, which you have to have printed so you don't have the computer on next to you.

4. Verbalize the following commands:
I activate tetrahedron star of 36 points of protection.
I activate the total protection octahedron and the ring of life.
I activate the 13 tonal keys; twelve circumpolar rings; Narakussia star.
I ask my tutors, protectors and guides to take me to the light temples of the masters, to be initiated, reconnected, recoded and harmonized.
I ask for the truth to be shown to me in every moment and to be guided and protected in every step I take in my life. 
I ask for all my bodies to be aligned and my consciences to be unified, so my Divine Presence I am it's manifested through my physical body and my channel.
Om light, om light, om light.

I call, anchor and activate the Merkaba of the Lord of the Absolute, total connection

5.- Without losing the attention focus on the center of the merkaba, visualize an inverted pyramid descending on you, following your vertical axis. Its color is white and its vertex stays fixated in your cardiac chakra, at the same time you verbalize the command: I am one with the Source. 

6.- Without losing the attention focus on the center of the merkaba, visualize a pyramid ascending on you, following your vertical axis. Its color is red and its vertex stays fixated in your cardiac chakra, at the same time you verbalize the command: I am one with Life.  

7.- Without losing the attention focus on the center of the merkaba, visualize two pyramids rotated to the side (one on your right side other on your left side) which vertexes point your cardiac chakra and also are coming to you. Their color is yellow and when both are fixated at the same time on your heart chakra, verbalize this command: I am one with the Spirit.
8.- In that moment visualize, without losing your conscious attention at the center of the merkaba, how those four triangles have formed a Malt Cross around you, symbol of Saint Germain; and verbalize: I am the one that I am. When you give the last command a first ring will be activated around that cross, generating a golden energy ball. 

9.- Repeat steps 5, 6, 7 y 8 two times more, but because the cross is already created and fixated, visualize that at the end of the command there is a golden light in that triangle. For example, the one above, from golden to white, the one below from golden to red, the ones on the sides from golden to yellow. Creating with each one of the repetitions another concentric ring approximately 50% smaller. 
10.- When you finish the third repetition and when you create the third ring, close your eyes and verbalize the command: I am, I am, I am. Visualize how from your heart chakra, where the 4 vertexes are fixated a light explosion of white light sweeps your consciousness and goes through your being. 
11.- Now everything is white, everything has disappeared, there is nothing and it is everything, you are part of nothing, without being, without consciousness, without shape, you are in a pure state, total serenity, total calm, you are one with everything. In a subtle way you feel a pulse, some seconds later another pulse, another more intense, and so on increasing rithm and strength; until is like a heartbeat, harmonic boom boom boom.

12.- In this white space, that it is everything and you are part of, a magenta ball of energy starts to appear, it blurs with every heartbeat. At the beginning you feel it apart from you, like if it was from another being. You feel all the peace in her, her unconditional love, she is an endless source of life energy. Little by little she becomes familiar, you can recognize her, it is the heart and consciousness of Pachamama, of Gaia! you are so happy and excited.

13.- When you feel all her love, you feel without knowing that her heart it is also yours and that all that peace and love it is also inside you, you feel a joy feeling like if you had been blessed and around that heart lines and figures start to appear and disappear in a random way, sometimes they spin others they dance.

14.- Keep this state for a while, feeling and when you think it is time, come back slowly to your physical body, to the space you came from. 
Allow yourself to have this space of connection every day. Give this daily moment to the planet. 

Thank you for being and existing.

Until next connection.

Stay in the peace of your spirit and your hearts.

Peace, light and love. 

• When I write visualize I mean to feel, to see with the eyes of the spirit.
• The posture of the drawings is just representative, to show you the pyramids, you don't have to put your arms and legs like it is there.
• Next I show the merkaba of the Lord of the Absolute, total connection.
• The image is tilted on purpose, because it is in this position, how it is supposed to be worked with, so the information and codes printed on it can be absorbed correctly by your physical and subtle bodies.



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13Coronas Uniting hearts!!! (05-16-2012)