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Remember the future (11-23-12)

Dear brothers and sisters of light!

The last trimester of the year is finishing, in which one was asked for you to be used to make an internal balance and to connect with your inner Christ being, to be prepared for the next energetic and vibrational events that are coming and for which it is necessary the manifestation of your new being. 
The next three months that start 2013 will be more intense in a radiation and transmission level of new codes in all of you. Those who have worked their interior, will be capable to absorb all the new codes in your recently activated light bodies. 

This will make your memory awake about who you are, where you come from and what is your commitment, remembering that most of you come from places that have been destroyed or that your own evolution experimentation has deteriorated and compromised your environment, just like it is happening with planet Earth.

You will start looking at different light structures over layered to this reality. They are different proposals from mother Gaia itself, which can be accessed according to the vibration and conscious level each one is achieving. 

The actual reality of the planet can't hold the level of christic connection needed to generate a critical mass awakening. The spirituality fluctuates in the majority of beings, not holding an optimum light gradient for that end. It is not enough with the intention, it has to be manifested and irradiated in every moment. 

Keep working. Global changes will be manifested and are needed from each one of you. Light workers! cheer up! the races union from beings and consciences is the motor of the new time.

It is possible for you to have notorious changes in your physical structure. During the following three months, from January to March of 2013. Cranial movements and activations in your spine will be done with the purpose to activate memories and information packages, just as light activations, once the internal connection inside of each one of you is finished, on December 21st with the 13th solar disc in direct connection with your plexus, your inner sun, the reactivation of the white and black sun in your heart chakra will be done, it is the equivalent to the concept of Tao or Yin - Yang you know.
The black sun is a magnetic force of absorption. Like a black hole. It absorbs all the codes irradiated from the cosmos to be filtrated by your threefold flame and to irradiate in this plane the electric and expansive force of the white sun, which vortex expands the information wherever it reaches.

After the 13th solar disc activation, the energy of the Metatron cube (also known as antarkarana, 7 rays temple, chakarahna) will be sealed and integrated in each one of you. This 13th disc is the inner connection of the creative forces of the cosmos (elohims) with humanity through the solar plexus. Reactivating in an etheric level the different genetic matrixes and reactivating the keys and codes to utilize the different temporary runways (next blog entry). 
Connections with the tectonic planks of the planet will be given and there will be started the next level of activation of the 49 discs related with the original people and the intergalactic federations, with the purpose of creating a bridge of union between the different time and space realities.

It is time of unification; it is time of union. 
Stay in the peace and light of your hearts. 
Base of the release transmitted by the Stellar Command.
More information in my website:/www.13coronas.com
Thanks for your attention and see you soon. 
Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much. 


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13Coronas Remember the future (11-23-12)