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Website presentation (26-03-2010)

Welcome dear ones

The 13 Crowns is a work related with the 13 crystal skulls, each one of them is an alliance of the ark or an ultrasonic energy frequency modulator. The molecular combination of this skulls creates a resonance field with the octave tone from the earth crust, reactivated on 08-08-08, opening a stellar portal that starts the first phase from the so called Operation Rescue from the Ashtar Sheran Command.

This crystal layer, as other brothers have revealed, is in constant connection with the human energetic fields and also with the ones from other races that live in other energetic levels from your planet.  It amplifies the key corresponding to Earth, Urantia, Velatropa 24, or the name given according to the stellar catalogue we refer to.

Through this website and this channel, we will give, in following connections, different materials that will help with the understanding and will complement the work other brothers have been doing for and from the planet some time ago.  

This information couldn't be revealed before due to lack of readiness, from the channel and humanity, other channels have been opening the consciousness of people to make them receptive to the changes with their information and now this work is complementary.

Brothers and light workers, work and open your hearts to receive the new frequencies and codes that are arriving to your planet and are preparing everything for the separation between the hay and the wheat, the moment will arrive and will determine the valuable persons and the ones that can't follow with the evolutionary project from the big plan. According to your commitment and work your rescue or new planetary placement will be evaluated, so you can follow up with the work that you have being doing as souls.

It will be through the lecture of your threefold flame and your other energetic bodies how this selective process will be determined and where the new codes will be transcribed, according to your level of meritoriousness.

The promised Eden, the New Earth preparedness is finished in other planes by the corresponding hierarchies.

It is time that each one of you is responsible and assume your obligations and compromises as a light being. Don't be distracted by the speck in your brother's eye, it is worthless to blame the governments or the circumstances, remember brothers and sisters that you are made to God's image, therefore, you are co-creator multidimensional beings with an important job: to transcend your genetic heritage through your earth experience to free your race: Adam Kadmon, the perfect human.

From here we encourage you to keep working on your development, we trust completely in your process.

Stay in your hearts peace and may the Light be with you.

Your brother



Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much

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13Coronas Website presentation (26-03-2010)