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Message 04-27-2010

We are repeating the same as old civilizations before ours that even had more technological knowledge but they forgot their connection with the divine, with the spirit, with their inner being.

They forgot just like us that they were part of the unity.

You miss used the free will concept. It is not to do whatever you want to do, it is to act with justice, being responsible according with the laws that rule the universe, being able to decide according with some evolutionary basic parameters.

This act not just disconnected you from the primary source and the stars, it made you give away your own inner power to fake gods that ended up taking away from you the few autonomy and consciousness that you had.

Now is the moment to remove the veil of ignorance. It is been some time ago that this message and others are expanding across the earth's surface, but you are still lost, stunned, confused, unbalanced and off center; you are attracted to the ideal of being spiritual, but the true compromise and the taking of consciousness with self and to assume the responsibility of your own acts, thoughts, words and actions, scare you and most of you are not ready to bear to feel and manifest being different, you still need the acceptance of your surroundings, when it is the moment to respect, accept and forgive yourselves.

It is important for you to connect with your own being, through your heart, following your intuition. But you continue to miss understood what it means to be guided by the heart and you continue using the emotional parameters as a guide, those are not more than biochemical processes that show your mood and psychological state.

The true heart is neutral, it is not influenced by emotions either brain waves, that is the true six sense.

The intuition is a "sense" that comes from the heart but his "ear" is through the pineal gland that has a direct connection with your I am.

You should train that way of feeling and not to confuse it with the electromagnetic fields, either psychic or subtle, that a person releases and are product of chemical reactions and can be confused or being manipulated. It is the case of how a good actor or psionic people can manipulate your perception, your mind and your sensitivity, making you end up to their service as a puppet.

From there all the masks that shape your false and unstable reality will fall, from there the truth will be shown to you, you will start having contact with other consciousness realms and other beings in superior evolution levels that will help you and will guide you in your process and your walk to the new earth.

The new race walks already on earth from a long time ago but remains hidden, little by little you will be activated. The main problem we face is that the awakening state creates anxiety and psychosis in you because you haven't understood the processes and you question and rebel from your state in the density, but this period is necessary for your maturity and awareness, and most of all, to retake your compromise with the Light and with the true faith, concepts that you have learned manipulated.

When our time of awakening and the spiritual journey start, we encounter ourselves with the activation of all the contracts we have in this and other lives, even from other realities and other space/ time lives; our cellular memory is awakened to block our progress, reminding us the contracts of the past to keep us subjugated. There it where the real spiritual journey is, the true battle between the light and the darkness, inside of us, where our compromise and strength is tested, in overcome our ghosts, our fears, judging our actions, thoughts, feelings; and with humility and compassion learn to forgive ourselves to be free and heal not just to ourselves as individuals, to our children, our parents, our ancestors, our race.

There if we stay firm and honest with ourselves, we receive the help of our hierarchy, although they are always there, they can only help us when our psyche and vibrational field allows it. Yes, you are the one who stop them and doesn't allow yourself to be helped.

You should be serene, in peace, free of physical ties (contradictions and obligations, no responsibilities) and to learn to live and use the existing material resources without being limited or conditioned by them.

The commodities should not atrophy yourself, recover your original faculties and take care and respect yourself and your temple (your body, your terrestrial vehicle), that is the true meaning of love.

When you learn to love yourself, to respect yourself, you learn to love others and to see and value the beauty of everything around you and in life.

Light hugs for all or you.

Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much.

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13Coronas Message 04-27-2010