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The personal merkabas. What they are and how they work.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your attention.

Planet Earth, Urantia, Gaia, Velatropa 24, etc. Depending on the stellar catalogue used, is going through profound energetic changes. This changes are cyclic and carry a psychic and energetic restructuring of the beings that cohabit in the different planes.

This renovation energy has been entering in small light packages to the planet and her beings psyche, just like a gas, it is saturating our atoms, cells, particles, etc. for the energetic mesh of them to change.

Since 2 - 3 years ago, the emission of this light packages have been increasing due to the proximity of the cyclic change that comes.

A lot of people ask what is coming, with so many prophecies of apocalyptic events and alien movies invading the planet, we have to ask with which reality and time line they are connecting, either way, who really knows what is happening? In reality, nothing that hasn't happened before, that we haven't lived, the only thing that changes are the people's perception. The fear of losing stability and security that they have implanted in, the fear of losing our possessions, base of the nowadays beliefs; but the only thing that we are going to feel is a change in mental, emotional and sensitive paradigms, those things are not new either. Society has had intense social changes since the 80s, changing family structures, the way we communicate and express ourselves, trends, etc. One example is the book "The Third Wave" by Alvin Toffler.

The new values that we have been acquiring, to my understanding, won't set us free, the other way around, it makes us more dependent and slaves of the system, useless as a race, but I am sure many of you reading agree with me.

The energetic structure of the planet will have its maximum readaptation point (understanding this maximum point as the one we will be able to feel) between the last 4 months of 2012 and the first 4 months of 2013.

What do we win with this change of energetic structure? A change in our own energetic structure and also a change in our fractal mathematic structure, that translated means a change in our personal merkaba, our consciousness and the same for the planet.

What is a merkaba? it is a light vehicle, an energetic structure that covers us and it is connected to our taquionic crystals, to our electromagnetic field and our morph field.

What are the taquionic crystals? they are senders and receptors of light.

Light packages travel in different speeds and depending on the "training" that each one of us makes, it can gain potency. Is like wanting to race a car, you win aptitudes and merits in the learning process, you are increasing the speed and absorption process.

We have three taquionic crystals in our carbon body, which frequency is also changing and their composition is raising the silica percentage to adapt and to hold the new vibrational and energetic charge. We have three taquionic vibration crystals (pituitary, heart and perineum) that are also connected to our psychic impulses and hormonal system.

When a merkaba is activated is when the alchemy is made, the elements transmutation magic.

All beings have an energetic structure that covers them, a geometric shape, in our case, in this planet, we have a tetrahedron merkaba. You can find a lot of information about this subject in the Drunvalo Melchizedek and the flower of life writings.

Other kingdoms from our planet have already gone through this changes and vibrational readaptation, for example the plants.

What allows to activate and being conscious of our merkaba? First, an energetic and vibrational balance with ourselves and with the planet. As long as we are working, it gives us sensory experiences, it activates perceptions in us, it helps us to overcome personal processes, to understand, to see, to choose, to focus, to be in peace and harmony.

This is really the sacred geometry, the expression of a harmonic form, alive, intelligent, that interacts and learns.

What is my proposal? A software update, a reprogramming of our physical vehicle, a reconnection with itself.

Like I said before, the energy and energetic structure of the planet is changing, ours too, we are multidimensional beings that live in different simultaneous realities, with this we have access to the learning of each one of ourselves, to harmonize degenerative processes using material and healthy organs from other bodies we have in other time realities (what can be better than our own genetic material to clone an organ?), to project ourselves to go learn in etheric temples, stellar universities, to protect us from harmful elementals or places for our vibrational field.

All that and more is what merkabas can do.

We have different merkabas, each one of our light beings is a merkaba (each system has a determined number of bodies), the tetrahedron is the basic model and when they are activated consciously, the molecular rotation changes, the same as our electromagnetic field flow.

We activate our merkaba in a subconscious level when we sleep, the problem is that we don't have control on it and most of the times it goes with the things our subconscious connects (depending of our thoughts, life style, etc.)

Before going to sleep I recommend to do a Pranayama (breathing Yoga techniques) to balance our brain hemispheres and clean the chakras, that way we calm our mind and we tell her where to go while we sleep. The breathing I propose is called alternate or Anuloma Viloma, it is very easy to do.

Right hand, we put our index and heart index in our frontal sinuses, above the eye brows. We breathe three time, taking air from our stomach and we bring it to the chest in 6 times. We let it go in 6 times. Repeat three times. Holding during all the exercise the index and heart fingers in our forehead, we block our right nostril with our thumb and take air in 6 times through our left nostril, then we block our left nostril with our pinky keeping the right blocked, (now we have both nostrils blocked) holding the breath for 6 times, then release the right nostril and let the air go in six times. Keep the left nostril covered and inhale in 6 times through the right nostril. Cover the left nostril with your pinky and holding our breath in 6 times. We have to repeat all the cycle 3 times on each nostril holding the 6 times rhythm.

After doing this don't think about any daily problem, otherwise your mind will activate again and it will be useless.

The virus of our operative system are the emotions and the negative thought forms.                        

 How the merkabas and the projections work? the pineal gland controls and leads the harmonic octaves of everybody in projection, holding the atomic and molecular information of it, something similar to what we know as protocol TCP/IP. The biological human system is equal to the informatics binary system that transports packages of bites of information. This packages are composed by bites combinations of 0 and 1. Each 1024 bites is a bigger unit, an octave of frequency.

In projection, the first thing done is a biological lecture to control the thermodynamic and to regulate the electromagnetic field. Following all that living information in octaves of frequency is augmented according to an algorithm protocol. Once stabilized, it is supposed that we know the reception point. We open a temporary window and we project ourselves as an energy particle to the desired point. Is like when we send a file through the internet and it is downloaded in another place of the world, but in this case we are projecting our own body.

A download of the primary biological information is made, it is processed and it is downloaded with a conversion in the desired destiny point, our vehicle is adapted to the destiny point.

According as we made projections, our vehicle in this plane can suffer structural alterations by the experience once we are recoding it will not be the same as the primary one.

We are in A and travel as B to C, where we are transformed in D, when we are decoded energetically, biologically, physically and vibration. When we return from C to A we are not a B pure, we are coming back with the information we recorded and now we recover ourselves as an A+.

Each octave has a formula, but taking into account that we left consciously from this plane, we will use a basic formula that our superior bodies know how to convert.

The variations on this plane are: light speed, water amount (69 to 72.8%) carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, correction and balance of the force fields according to the light speed and the % given in the construction elements of each person.

The tetrahedron star that is formed has 6 points, the tetrahedron which vertex points up connects with our sun (Helios and Vesta, which connect with our threefold flame) and the one pointing down connects with our central son in the magnetic center of earth (Kundalini or telluric energy); the other 4 points are the catalyzers of the main forces that interact in our universe that are: strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetic interaction and gravitational.

The pineal encrypts all this information in frequencies that we can measure in Hz, because it sends wave impulses to lead.

Here acts Einstein's relativity formula: E=m·c2 .

I don't want to saturate you with more information and I will leave the rest for later.

Best regards and see you soon.

Antonio Tirado Llamas


Pd.: One of the works I do is to connect with the primary energy of the person and download the information related to the quantum mathematics and sacred geometry recorded in his/her bodies, this allows the person to have tools for self-discovery, support and to work specific aspects as illness, personal processes, etc.


For more information www.13coronas.com o write me at antoniotirado@13coronas.com.

 Once more, thank you and have a wonderful day!!


Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much.

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13Coronas The personal merkabas. What they are and how they work.