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The 12 guardians of time (06-04-2010)

Dear all:
The subject of today is about who are the guardians or the 12 misters of time (both names are the same). Each one of these beings is the guard of a genetic matrix that has been there through the history of the human race, preserving and waiting for the human consciousness to reach an evolutionary point where the 13 crown or kingdom codes are activated, the primary adamic matrix, the Adan Kadmon.

This 13ª race is the result of the mixture of the other 12 original genetic matrixes, each one of them is stellar and has to do with the 13 stands of DNA that are being activated in some people.

This primary genome has been hidden in incarnated beings on earth, until the final evolution point of human race comes and it is activated. They are what we call the 144.000 cosmic seeds that conform the critic mass and by resonance will make the quantum planetary leap, jumping to the 5th octave of vibration (right now they are between 3.9 and 4.2) giving continuity to the original race.

Through all the evolutionary stages of the planet, there have been many civilizations and cultures, all of them with contact and extraterrestrial origin; that is where all the mythological stories come from winged dragons, elves, sirens, fairies, gnomes, etc. They are rests of memory from the races that exist in other planes and which whom you can connect if you have a clean and open heart' those who master Jesus Christ called "pure in heart". 

From those contacts there are active memories from the last civilizations: Lemuria, Atlantisian and others like egiptian, vedantian, mayan, that start beating stronger and stronger as the planet resonance pattern keeps accelerating and increasing their vibration, opening their sensitive fields, as the human brain recognizes and receives in a natural way the frequency changes, what happens is that you have lost the conscious connection.
Don't forget that you are mammals with a brain with a reptilian part and that you have a composition similar to the planet mass (69-72% of water), that makes you resonant with everything that happens on it. 

Remember that your reality is completely manipulated and the real knowledge and keys are still hermetic in your interior until you connect with them by yourselves and accept your own compromise with the awakening and with life, being responsible of yourselves and your evolution. 
Stay in peace and love from your hearts.
Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much. 


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13Coronas The 12 guardians of time (06-04-2010)