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Thoughts forms (22-12-2011)

The human brain processes information by an algorithm 12:60 (twelve bits of information per 60 seconds). This algorithm is a programming that creates a co-creation pattern imposed by the fallen angels in the so called "Tower of Babel destruction", where our brain hemispheres were separated by the brain cortex cancelling our psychic, sensory and extrasensory.

Since that manipulation was made, the electric impulses of our brain are easily controlled.

Our carbon body has 3 tachionic crystals that if we were conscious and capable to control the energy they generate, we could recover some of the abilities forgotten or lost, with meditation we just work at a subtle level, leaving in the physical body just the energetic stability, but that is much to do.

Our brain co-creates two types of energy or thought forms: positive or harmonic (loving and constructive), negative or disharmonic (elemental or destructive).

Both co-creations stay in the electromagnetic field (auric) and the subtle bodies of the transmitter and the receptor; generating a charge that will end up destroying a type of processes in both persons, depending on the polarity of the co-creation and the vibrational state of each of the subjects.

I don't think is necessary to talk about the positive charge co-creations, they are all those that really heal, give happiness, peace and love. Sometimes is important to materialize it with the verb (words), for example saying "I love you" from the heart of simply "thank you" from the purest and humblest gratitude. Our cells, atoms and particles will have a party when they get this present, since we are 70% water (depending on age and constitution) that makes us emotions with legs. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I recommend to look at Dr. Emoto's work.  Let's remember also that we have that wonderful artificial star named Moon that gives us an extra emotional bonus thanks to the magnetic field it emits.

If one person is not conscious of this thoughts and doesn't try to balance them with meditation and energetic cleaning exercises, is obvious that a transmitter only co-creates thoughts with a negative charge, will generate and will attract a life with heavy experiences, while a receptor that receives thoughts with a negative charge will charge his electromagnetic field with polarized aspects in negative, is going to find obstacles in his life according to his emotional and psychic state, that will be affected continuously with this type of emissions.

Here is important to remember the role of nutrition, because the biochemical processes that our organism does, depend on the type of fuel (food) we give it.

The type of co-creation with negative polarity, as it affects directly our electromagnetic field and subtle bodies, being transmitter or receiver, will generate illnesses and pains; we have to remember that an illness is an energy that destabilizes our system, one of the causes is psychic or emotional, that attacks in first place the organs related with the reason and after, being an interactive net, ends up destabilizing all the system if we don't act.

Co-creations with negative charge are called by some authors elementals, that concept has nothing to do with the nature devas or geniuses (elements).

I think it is important to remember and make people conscious in this point that when we vibrate in a particular frequency, determined by the thought forms we generate, we fill people and places with that frequency at the same time that we receive it; therefore, the Devas that cohabit there and hold the place energy. We have to remember we are not alone, there are millions of beings surrounding us even if we are not conscious about it.

We have different hierarchies that help us to evolve (sometimes called guardian angels), some of them are defined by our energetic configuration the day we enter this planet, others by the place we live in and so on, without counting the disembodied, the inner societies inside earth, under water societies and other curious galactic beings with desire to study and investigate us.

Then when we go to some place or interact with someone we are having an energetic exchange, releasing and absorbing the energy of the place, people, physical and the one left by others that have been there before us and that have left their good or bad "vibe".

That is the reason there are some places where we heal and others that makes us sick, so bad the healing ones are not accessible anymore due to our nature and human genetics.

If lots of people with "problems" and negative charge goes to a place to receive healing and the place is not clean, it's vibration will change and the Devas living there will get sick, and the place will no longer be a healing or sacred place. It is very important that if we consider ourselves "spiritual" to be conscious and responsible for our own energy and clean our energetic residue and restore the imbalance that we cause, specially in nature.

Be careful when you work in places even in nature, because we absorb charges that other people have left there, promises, contracts, etc. and also what they have caused to the Devas or guardians of the place.

I don't want to scare you, I want to remind you to be conscious about what you do and where you are. Earth, Gaia, Urantia or the name you want to use, is a live being that interacts with us through the Devas. We are the ones who are killing the planet, but we know that right? What we don't know is that the Earth just receives 2% of our energy, because most of us vibe or generate thought forms polarized in negative and the Devas, nature geniuses and Elohims don't have energy matter to nurture our mother Earth. We are drying her. Most of our energy is utilized by the inner earth and under water beings to mitigate war and conflict places in the planet.

On the other side, it is important to make a good Feng shui study and to test the negative energetic points from a place, Curry, Hartman lines, etc. and harmonize the spaces according to the construction, the distribution and the energetic configuration from the people that live in there, especially if it is our living or working space because it is where we spend most of our time and where after 2 or 3 hours our organism its "filled" with that energy.

Same thing when we make love, because the polarities change the time the act lasts and the woman absorbs all the filth from the man due to her transmuting nature, like 99,9% of people has forgot the tantric sacred alchemy, that energy stays inside the woman causing illness to her. Now imagine the idea of purely sexual relationships where elementals of submission, Incubus y Succubus from the umbra camp freely and take advantage to vampire people.

I most also mention that those curious beings from other planets that come to investigate and experiment put nanotechnology inside us (chips) to control our emotions and feelings, learning from our processes. Although we have them because of contracts from past lives or by genetic inheritance, most of this visitors work for secret organizations from our own planet to control us and manipulate us through those implanted chips inside our subtle bodies or sometimes even our physical body generating emotions, feelings and controlling our brain waves to generate and co-create negative thought forms.

Some negative elementals are: greed, convenience, guilt, envy, fanaticism and obsession, lust, hex, fear, negativity, laziness, hate, perversity, prejudice, anger, rancor.

Next I propose some symbols to clean ourselves and protect us from them if we feel someone could be sending us this type of energy.

I also include here a symbols template to work with each one of the chakras with a catalyst and three independent symbols: one to remove implants (chips), other to calm the pressure or headache related with our moment entering in this planet and a third one to balance or protect us from an overcharged place.

To work with the symbols, it is only necessary to visualize them for some minutes, they are activated at the moment and I recommend to look at them at least 3 minutes.

With the chakras use the one we feel like using with the catalyst and through it all of them will be harmonized. Also at least 3 minutes.

Well I think I have presented at least a little bit of every subject related to this theme. I hope it is useful for you or to provoke some interest in you to look for more information.

If someone needs a symbol or Merkaba, either personal or to give to someone, even if it is for a concrete issue like new children, protection, illness, meditation, problem, situation or process, growth, road opening, etc. please don't hesitate to contact me through my email:


In my website 13coronas.com you can find examples of work that I have already done.

Hugs and see you later, have a great day.


Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much. 


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13Coronas Thoughts forms (22-12-2011)