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The 26 Keys of the New Consciousness and the holographic mind (25-03-2012)

We are the densest projection (fractal) of a group of super consciences (7 androgenic united consciences, also known as paradisiac creator’s sons) and this dense creation or image of those consciences, is governed by the emotions and feelings that it generates and interacts with, that is to say, thought forms build realities and attract experiences to our daily life.

This thought forms generate psychic and biochemical processes that end up materializing in decisions or actions, that through all our incarnations generate what we call cellular memory and consequently disorders and illnesses, it is the concept of what we call hell and when we die we keep living and interacting with those creations, Dante called it purgatory and we know it as umbra or under dimension.

This cell memory has different layers or origins:

- Personal psychic co-creations.

- Stellar genetic memory.

- Ancestral genetic memory.

- Morphed memory or collective consciousness.


Although in every case there is a manipulation source and galactic experience (it could be from racial evolution or colonization), at the beginning it was just abuse of power from the shaman or wizard in turn, now it is a collective consciousness.

That cellular memory is the base of the manipulation that has been studied since 1920 by all the world's governments through mass media and all its tools (advertising, movies, music, videogames, food, trends, technology, education, environment, hobbies, etc.)

Each one of this memories is controlled with certain frequencies.

Until 10 years ago, the work and studies were limited to control this reality through the recoding of the brain hemispheres and the reptilian brain, using our nervous system and energetic field. Now that the consciousness level has increased, they go further, trying to manipulate humans through the pineal gland and the tachyonic centers, our higher consciousness and even other higher levels.

Take in count that our mental pattern is not with an 8 base like they make us believe, it is a 7 base, and our biochemical coding doesn't have a 10 base it is 9. The 8 is a loop (it is repeated over and over).

The grain of sand that I want to give is to show my point of view about the information I have access to, to avoid this kind of manipulations, to be able to get our original coding and to go back to be free consciousness that have fulfilled an experimental stage inside this density, helping us to understand who we are, where we come from and what do we have to do to get our power back and then start the return home. Logically the return home is done leaving the body and never coming back again due to the reincarnation wheel, that is another big manipulation linked to most religions.

It is also true that with the right knowledge, a right discipline and an intense internal work, we can jump over all the laws and to be physically teleported to other higher energetic or parallel levels, just like in a Sci-Fi movie with the help of technology, just like the Maya people did, they are living right now in a parallel reality and we will join them when the time lines will be unified and the temporary cracks (paradigms) are fixed, those cracks were caused by military experiments made to travel in time.

Everything is possible, we have all the knowledge inside our cells, we don't need machines, drugs or anything, our body is capable to segregate every substance and all we need, we just have to know how and to work on it.

All of this is what I have been developing and working consciously since 2001, year when I decided to prioritize my inner growth developing tools, putting theories and concepts together that I have had the privilege to access since I was a little boy without understanding their practical use.

I grew up with the feeling that most of you have had once: the one of being different and not from here and passing the years trying to recover your memory about who you are and how to get out from here.

As many of you I have experienced and still are, with the social and government limitations, the family disapproval, that even in 2012 they are still thinking that I should do something "real". They don't understand that this is something that bursts from my heart, a way of living, a way of feeling, a way of looking at life.

The result are the 13 Crowns, their theosophical base and all the support tools I develop like the 26 Keys of the New Consciousness that is the main theme of this article.

The 26 Keys are master codes to access levels of information and to connect to certain higher consciences that have agreed to work as guides, help and protection for the process we are currently living in planet Earth.

Then, each one of the keys connects with a group of consciences, etheric temples, sacred orders, teachers, cosmic rays, spaceships, etc.

The objective of the keys, besides helping with people's conscience growth, is to activate an energy that was locked since Lemuria and Atlantis times because of the bad usage that was made, for example the major arcana in the Tarot is limited to 22 and the zodiac to a genetic matrix of 12 archetypes instead of 13, creating a bad idea of the 13 number.

It is important to understand and make very clear what I just said, because the knowledge about energy work and its manipulation (alchemy) was the foundation of societies and civilizations. People used to know biophysics, fractal mathematics, quantum mathematics, sacred geometry, cosmology, etc. and that knowledge was relegated just to a few that, to protect it even more left a distorted information.

Due to influences, genetic experiments and politic problems from other stellar races, there was an abuse of power and an incorrect use of energy, that is why Atlantis and Lemuria were extinguished and destroyed. Then, the light hierarch decided to hide the knowledge of the inverse pentagram, leaving it to be reached just by psychologically and consciously prepared people; because of that there was an open field for antichrist energies to use and manipulate this symbol. That is the reason we only know the 666 number that in reality is a genetic code from a being named Anhotak, that represents the antichrist evolution.

The antichrist, outside any religious belief (that is a manipulation), means that a being has developed outside of what it represents to evolve through the internal Christ.  His opposite is another matrix which code is 676 and which evolution is in charge of Micah (Jesus Christ or Sananda, in other higher energetic levels).

This is what religions and their manipulation have taught us with all the moral concepts of good and bad, light and shadows, but is not like this, they are just different ways of evolution: one is through love (peace) and other is through suffering (pain).

The concept leads us to understand another important issue, why was the moon put there, to annul and manipulate the 676 matrix code through emotional and hormonal alterations.

Really, the pentagram is the access to the use of 2 type of energies.

The first one (with the central point upward) activates what we know as the 9 angelic hierarchies (Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels) and the second one (with the central point downward) activates the devas (nature genius through the 4 elements: air, water, fire and earth).

According with the belief system that each person practices and her level of understanding, everyone without knowing how, can talk about a force or something that sometimes protects us. The reality is, that we all have a big amount of subtle beings (nonphysical) around us, they act as guides, tutors or protectors and they mediate the most harmonic way to receive the learning that our incarnated souls need to experiment to evolve in this reality.

They are included in that evolution process and there is a big relationship and compromise of each incarnated soul with those beings assigned with all the convenience and intention, creating a cosmic family or hierarchies.

Our light beings deal with all the negative thought forms (envy, anger, hate, jealousy, ego, etc.) that we generate or other people send to us, without taking in count other obstacles in our path like: magic, nanotechnology, other beings with a light force lower than us that want us to be at their same level.

If a person follows the Shamanism line, he will believe in those beings as nature brothers: brother bear, wolf, jaguar, deer, eagle, etc. Each one of them with a specific quality, they are called Totems or power animals.

If a person follows the Taoism, he will believe in ancestors.

If a person believes in Catholicism he will believe in angels, virgins and saints, if he believes in Judaism he will connect with the 72 Hebrew Kabbalah angels, and so on.

But what is the real root? Their real face? Which one is their origin?

The truth is that everything created and manifested in the universe is light, light in a higher frequency than ours and which we try to interpret and rationalize to understand instead of just feeling it and connect with it.

According with our consciousness is how we see life and what we attract, what we decide to experiment and how to do it.

When someone has a higher sensitivity capacity, she connects with certain frequencies and realities, having what is known as altered states of consciousness. Sometimes in those states the person connects with another reality or with one of those light beings and the information she receives is in resonance with the internal state she has; passing to the conscious and helping to create our reality.

The future doesn't exist, is an illusion, a distraction. There are alternatives to a choice and according to the one we make; the following reality will be manifested.

One can have a similar result with drugs, they can be synthetic or natural (like the ones used in the shamanic line); the person enters into an altered state of consciousness living or feeling an experience according with the person’s vibration, she can heal a blockage or connect with the wrong energies and live her worst nightmare. In any case, it means to open a door without knowing what or who you will contact, in most cases that experience will leave a big hole in our energetic field or waste information saved in our subtle fields.

Is convenient that for your psychic, emotional and energetic health that you learn to develop this type of altered states in a natural way, the only thing that will be altered is your glands and that will help to have a better control of all the processes.

For those who connect with apocalyptic or bad realities, I need to tell you once more, that the universe is pure love and light; even if you don't understand the extent of these concepts. You are light and all the universe is creation not destruction, everything you see that shows the destruction flag is a holographic manipulation, an obstacle in your development that must be recalibrated from the understanding, with love and compassion to your own being, because you have attracted that to your reality the same way you choose a movie or a channel to watch.

There is a current as old as the origin of earth in a continent called Africa. It takes and explains this love energy as a trustable source for our growth and evolution, in a big moment of duality on earth and with whom we will be helped to meditate, according to our internal attitude, which we take with every thought, action and manifestation, because they are the bridge between matter and stellar hierarchies. Trustable if you know how to find a good fountain to drink of, although is very important to leave hanged in the door your beliefs and dogmas, so you can really receive the knowledge and be able to assimilate.

They are called Orixás.

A very important advice for your journey: don't look for anything from the need because if you do, that will be what you attract to you.

The meaning of the word Orixá, from the old language Yoruba is: the light that lives over your head; making reference to that state of grace and connection with the divine and which we are all part of.

A balance between these two 5 point stars forms the fifth essence, the primary race the Adan Kadmon, called "the perfect human", that is the connection bridge between heaven and earth, creating a rainbow bridge of connection.

All the coding is inside of us, in our memory and because of all the planetary processes that we are living, is time to reactivate that knowledge, using it wisely, well we know the consequences of the misuse of it and we have learned about it during the last 13.000 years, right?

Working with different energetic frequencies in different levels (color, sound and shape) we manipulate the holographic mind and its carbon crystal (our physical body).

When we work with the electric field of the body through the chakras and their chromatic value, we act over the magnetic resonance field.

When we work through the sound and the reverberation of the crystal quartz from our bones, we increase their vibration so cilice.

Working the sequence and psychic frequencies of the Tzolkin, we can access the 12 strands of the etheric DNA. And finally working the form through geometry we activate our cerebral hemispheres. With all of that work we reprogram an energetic mesh that is biofractally reprogramed, then all our bodies will have their information recoded and that will help to unify our different consciences and manifesting our real being, then we can access to all the information in parallel realities (inter-dimensions) and consciousness levels (multi-dimensions).

The interdimensional connection is interesting to move ourselves consciously in the time line, helped by our spiritual hierarchies and personal merkabas, so we are able to heal and clean processes from other life times were we made wrong choices, due to ignorance or manipulation, that can be blocking our present life, interfering in our progress and development.

The 26 keys are available through my email: antoniotirado@13coronas.com or in the workshops and talks I give. In those talks I also make a live connection with the higher light hierarchies.

You will find more information in my website http:/www.13coronas.com.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.


Note: This message can be spread as long as it's content is not changed and the origin and source is respected and mentioned. Thank you very much. 

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13Coronas The 26 Keys of the New Consciousness and the holographic mind (25-03-2012)