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Conversations with Isis (11-25-2012)

At the end of 2002 I had several connections with a female energy from the subtle plane. I called her "African" due to her aspect and her energy; but later on I had a big surprise, she explained to me who she represented, she was the frequency of Mary Magdalene manifested in her indigenous form.

In one of her connections she invited me to an encounter in a point of the Catalan geography. She explained that she represented the connection with the earth's energy and that if I accepted, she will start activating that connection in me.

I accepted and during some time she was harmonizing me and sending knowledge, but due to the lack of maturity and comprehension, I stopped connecting consciously, although she kept escorting me in the subtle plane.

Years passed and that energy manifested again reminding me of her existence. In this moment, she made me conscious of the coincidence that I was attending lots of women with hormonal problems, menstrual alterations, uterine problems, etc.

At that point in the therapies that I was working, between other energies, not just "African" assisted, Mother Isis energy started to come too. And between both, they were explaining lots of things to me, some of them I would love to share here.

One of the biggest questions rounding in my head was Where does the female energy liberated during the meditations and connection works with the moon goes? I think most of people know that the moon is an artificial satellite that stabilizes the magnetic field of the solar system and it is used as a tool of psychic and emotional control that rules all the human activities, through the water element manipulation, which constitutes approximately 70% of our chemical composition.

Mother Isis asked me: Have you noticed what is above my head? Yes, I answered. A sphere, an iridescent color sphere.

And do you know what it represents?

No, I answered.

Dear son, this light sphere, represents the earth's consciousness. To raise the energy of earth to the consciousness, voids the connection hologram with the moon and all the priestess manipulation, purifying and liberating, through the earth's energy, the female energy.

Have you noticed that in many occasions, it appears in some energies and beings, a golden light sphere around or on top of their heads. It represents the connection with the Father-Mother, the Source, through the expansion of consciousness.

In many cultures, the solar disc has been represented with the Cosmic Father archetype. In the moon case, it represents the manipulation, because the truth is that the Earth is who represents the Cosmic Mother archetype through the energy that her consciousness irradiates.

Osiris would represent the archetype of the cosmic Father, our Alpha and Omega, the central Alcyone Sun in Pleiades.

Isis, would represent our Cosmic Mother archetype, our Alpha and Omega, the central sun of Planet Earth.

Horus, would represent the son, ourselves. The Holy Spirit. The Rainbow Bridge. The union between heaven and Earth. Master Jesus and Master Mary Magdalene, the Excalibur and the Holy Grail.

The Horus eye is in fact, the representation of the thalamus, the medulla oblongata, the hypothalamus and the corpus callosum. That is the sender-receptor and modulator, of the psychic waves.

Every time women meditate and connect with the moon, their energy goes really to Earth, opening a portal with below water and earth cities. But it is convenient and necessary for the energetic delivery to be conscious to have more potency, just like the offer of their blood during their period (red moon), what strengthens the union with Earth and helps to clean and purify the female energy archetype and all its historic manipulation. Helping to liberate the energy of our priestess sisters that are still trapped in different areas of the planet and parallel realities inside crystals and other structures.

There are two lineages that group the different orders and female hierarchies that operate in the planet: The Flower of Lis, hold by the energy of Mary Magdalene and the Mystic Rose, hold by the energy of Mother Mary. Each one of them works different aspects and frequencies.


The connection with the Mystic Flower lineage of Mother Mary is important in the umbra rescue, because truly is the mother's love that trough the journey, escorts the person's shadow, the one that guards, protects, watches and waits.

The 11 petals, represent the unconsciousness domain. It could be parallel to the Tarot arcane called "The Force". Although according to my information, these initiatory doors and their frequencies were manipulated since the fall of Atlantis.

The rose is a labyrinth of light frequencies that allow us to connect with other dimensions. It is what in my work I call "the spider web".

On the other side the lineage of the Fleur of Lis is magnetized with Mary Magdalene energy, it represents the curiosity of learning, the experience that wants to be lived, the daughter, the young lady. The Flower of Lis represents the hermetic and initiation order of the Melchizedeck on Earth, the alchemists that control energy. The female line of this secret schools, in the beginning were represented with the black virgins, meaning the female power, the connection with the manipulation and knowledge of the forces and telluric laws.

Dear son, you waste a lot of energy in your connections, because you have to project to the interconnection pulsars and from there project your signal. We are going to show you a way to optimize your energy and for your flow to be stronger and constant for the rescues that you will have to do, given that is the Earth which your feet step on not the stars.

Through you the light hierarchies already make the connection of the solar discs and other frequencies in the solar plexus of all the people that you help and connect through your work; but now, we need that you also anchor yourself and anchor the energy of the Goddess and her codes in all the people; so that you all can act as the rainbow bridges that you are, connecting heaven and earth. Manifesting the creative force of the Trinity Force, that is the Christ love projected from your hearts, and when this arch of light is activated and is represented with the symbol of the Malt Cross from the beloved Saint Germaine. That is the true Golden Age, the integration and awakening of the consciousness of the being in search of the internal God.

Let's go then with your initiation dear son, lets optimize your codes so we can expand through your light and your service a bigger light range and that this code that we activate in you, can help others to connect with their highest knowledge.

Breath profoundly three times, connect now with the crystal temple of your heart.

Look how a white light starts to irradiate inside your heart. It turns into an iridescent silver color, irradiating a subtle rainbow frequency.

Little by little that sphere increases its size, until it covers you completely. It grows slowly with every heartbeat of your heart.

In a moment, you stop feeling your body inside the maxim light bubble, you have fusion with it, now, you are totally light, and from the inside of that light, you project in front of you a silver disc. It is like a water mirror. It is your connection with the Cosmic Mother, with Mother Isis, with Mother Mary. You get closer to the disc with the intention of touching it and you can see symbols appearing, showing you an activation and connection portal.

In the center of the disc, you can see a sea shell with a stair inside. You can come inside.

Automatically you are absorbed and projected in a vertiginous frequency light tunnels net. You jump from one frequency to another, according to your soul codification. It is like if you had been thrown into a galactic big slide. There is no space, no time, nothing, just rooms and rooms of light that you travel through in a super light speed.

Suddenly, everything stops, and you appear in the middle of emptiness. Everything around you is darkness, you are darkness. Although you have a vague sensation of your body, which you don't see and it is not defined. It is there but it isn't either.

You start to perceive far away that something is coming to you. An infinity of silver threads flies like waving snakes, from different points they enter through your imaginary feet soles, going up through your legs, reaching your perineum, that like a bomb, pushes that energy into the center of your heart and starts spinning and spinning in a counter clock wise direction. It is the telluric energy and Earth consciousness, from all the seas and oceans, all the cities from the inside of earth and below the oceans, from the roots of all trees and vegetable kingdom, from all the devas and nature elementals.

Chills travel through your back, since all these kingdoms start joining your nervous system, your bones, your muscles, they go through your bloodstream.

Now, infinity of golden threads come to you as a rain of arrows, entering your imaginary arms and head, going straight to your heart, joining the silver energy spin. You can see how a symbol that you already know starts appearing, it is the Yin - Yang symbol, with the two energies, golden and silver. The union of the archetypes, the union of the poles. The Cosmic Father and the Cosmic Mother are now in balance in you and you are their son, the Holy Spirit, creating the Divine Cosmic Trinity; manifested and activated in your temple, your three-fold flame, your ascension portal.

That light sphere of your heart starts increasing its size until it covers you again, spins, spins and spins, every time faster.

Without you knowing, little by little, becomes an orchid, that orchid represents your physical body and you start to be conscious about your body and the orchid in it.

And suddenly, you are here and now, manifested and incarnated in this plane.

The Fleur of Lis, represents the connection of the soul with the heart, manifesting through your throat the knowledge and the connection of your major psychic field. In the times of the Sons of Ra, the Essenics, it was known that as the soft language.

Now walk, expand, irradiate, nurture.

Stay in the light and peace of your heart.

Stay in the peace of your inner Christ.



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13Coronas Conversations with Isis (11-25-2012)